F O R  P U R E  O B S E S S I V E  C O M P U L S I V E  D I S O R D E R


4 main reasons you should sign up to 
my "learn and recover" OCD course


My online "learn and recover" psycho-educational programmes are specifically designed for teens and adults who live with pure-obsessive disorder and other subtypes !

Cognitive behavioural therapy

With an approach tailored to your needs I discuss the concept of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and demonstrate how this works in conjunction with exposure response prevention (ERP) to treat your OCD.

Professional experience

I graduated from Cambridge colleges in 2012 with a professional CBT dipolma. I went on to specialise in obsessive-compulsive disorder with the Association of Psychological Therapies (APT); and also the Open College.

Expert by experience

Not only do I have experience as a complementary therapist for treating OCD and related problems, I also have personal experience of living with various OCD subtypes, with depression. I am now in remission.

Are you a therapist? Coach? Peer Support Worker? Parent?

Want to learn how to apply CBT for OCD?

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David Susman PhD - Psychologist and Mental Health Advocate

"I think your sites are terrific! Your mission and goals are clear and the material you present is grounded in scientifically established therapies. Great job!"

Professor Frederick Toates, author of "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" with Dr Olga Coschug-Toates

You show obvious dedication to a daunting task and your website is presented in a very friendly way.                   Well done! Fred